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Each Quarter we carry out blind product testing with consumers in multiple hall-test locations across key world-wide markets.

The fieldwork is carried out locally using vetted suppliers and our tool-kit which specifies the Questionnaire, Rotation Plans and serving instructions such as temperature control.

The Results are reported using a dashboard method for Senior Management.

Says David Nolan: “Measuring and benchmarking to achieve and maintain 60:40 consumer product preference is often neglected versus for example brand tracking studies. And yet the product is the core of what the consumer is buying.”

“One of the key pressures that beverage manufacturers/big brand owners are continually under is to reduce sugar levels and those of other ingredients. This causes a danger of “salami-down” in product quality, unless Product Quality  as judged by the consumer is measured.

“We keep the costs down through sub-contracting the fieldwork and this makes us far more competitive than the Traditional Global Agencies.”


IThe Creative Workshop - A Practical Guide

There are many different kinds of workshop, and many ways to run them, but there are key principles that underly their success; there is a basic set of tools and techniques that always serves you well as a creative facilitator.Here,Caroline Pakel gives us a taste of how a workshop can be run smoothly, playfully and productively. Whether you are a novice workshop facilitator or have some experience, there will be something in this webinar which will help you improve the delivery of your workshops.

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Online Qual and how it fits in

 A small scale parallel test of conducted of group discussions vs. one week bulletin board indicated pretty similar findings (with online being somewhat cheaper and with the edge on content richness)but rather more time consuming to moderate and analyse.

Ken Parker gives an illuminating 40 minute talk to summarise the strengths of online vs. offline qual methods.

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Most polling is probably twaddle!  Vs.  Polling is a thankless task - A review of an E-group discussion by ICG members. There is a formal review into the election polls taking place by the British Polling Council.

The Issue in a nut-shell:  Only the exit poll was accurate (20,000 people and guaranteed voters) – 11 other polls were miles off – discuss! Read More>>

Shopper Insights - uses and abuses

In-store research can yield fascinating insights into shoppers’ behaviour and how they view your brand. Yet to gain the most from it, there are some vital considerations, which we touch on in this article.

ICG member Nanda Marchant shares some front line observations about research into shoppers.